Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:


1.The reservations will be accepted after filling and signing the travel contract and paying the deposit of 50% of the price of the trip unless otherwise stated in the program.

2.The rest to the full amount must be paid no later than 30 working days prior to departure. For airplane trips and New Year programs - 45 working days, unless otherwise stated in the program. Otherwise, your contract will be considered annulled and you will owe the agency a penaltyfeeunder the terms of cancellations.

3. Visas and other documents

3.1. Travel to countries requiring visas for Bulgarian citizens

The TOUR OPERATOR shall provide information in writing or by other appropriate means as well as in cases where the User expresses in writing his/her desire for the Tour operator to assist him/her by providing him/her with: documents/reservations/booking vouchers/tickets etc.The tour operator is not liable in case of a visarefusal. A failure to display documents and/orpay the visa charges or failure to appear at the Embassy for a personal interview, if necessary,will be deemed as cancelation of the trip by the user’s fault.

3.2. Issuing of visasfor the destination country is the sole responsibility of the embassy and it is not guaranteed by the Tour operator. In casesof visa refusalsby the Embassy, the contributionspaid by the User are not reimbursed.

3. 3. Details of otherdocuments for the trip whichare required from the user are contained in the additional information provided by the tour operator.

4.The TOUR OPERATOR is obligedto provide all of the above services.

5. All damage to the bus, hotel or tourist sites shall be paid on site by the user with a protocol.

6.The USER’S room is booked from 14.00 on the day of arrival and must be released by 12.00onthe day of departure. Any longer stays will be extra charge.

7. If the USER want to make changes to hotels, resorts or periods of stay, It will benecessaryfor him/herto complete a new travel contract. The changes will be confirmed within 3 working days, subject to availability of seats 8.The user can give away their journey to a third party, without charge, by notifying the tour operator at least 7 days before the date of travel if it is not connected the issuance of visas, insurance or airline tickets.

9. In the case of refusal of an early reservation, the sumis non-refundable. It can be used for another booking, but without the discount for early booking.

10. In the case of a refusal to travel for reasons that are not the fault of the TOUR OPERATOR, cancellation of already deposited and paid services are performed under the following conditions according to the previously stated date of departure:


The USER has the right to withdraw from the trip without penalty - 3 days after enrollment and payment of deposit.

In case of cancellation of the trip and terminationof the contractby the USER, TOUR OPERATOR deductsthe following penalties:

• When traveling abroad:

a) after the expiry of three days and 60 days before the trip - reservation fee – 20 Euro for any changes to the reservation after the initial enrollment fee is charged at the rate of 30 lev.

b) 59 to 30 days prior to departure date - the amount of the deposit.

d) 29 to 20 days prior to departure date - 50% of the total cost of the trip

e) 19 to 14 days before departure - 80% of the total cost of the trip

f) less than 14 days prior to departure date - 100% of the total cost of the trip

• Travel in the country:

a) after expiry of three days and 20 days before the trip reservation fee – 10 Euros

b) 19 to 14 days prior to departure date - the amount of the deposit

c) 13 to 7 days flowed departure date - 50% of the total cost of the trip

d) 6 to 3 days prior to departure date - 80% of the total cost of the trip

e) less than 3 days prior to departure date - 100% of the total cost of the trip.


Upon cancellation of the trip due to illness or other personal reasons related to the USER, he/sheloses the sums paidto theTOUR OPERATOR in accordance with the terms of cancellation and amounts as stated above,andrespectively is due to pay these amounts, in case he/she stillhas not paidthem.


If the USER has cancelstheir vacation / trip / over its duration at will, any additional costs, including reasonable transport are at his expense. In this case, there can be no claims for the return of all or part of the value of the service.


Upon submission of documents with false information and failure to comply with the terms of the user, the TOUR OPERATOR has the right to cancel the trip, and keep the amounts(sums)that correspond to the penaltiesstated above.


11. The USER may submit complaints regarding the organization and conduct of the organized trip,in writing within 7 days after the date of his/herreturn to the office of the TOUROPERATOR. The USER is obliged to submit a report signed by:a representative of the host agency in the country(destination), the administration of the facility, tourist service providers and himself/herself. TOUR OPERATOR notifies the USER of its response within 30 working days of receiving the complaint.

12. "Tiara Tour" Ltd. has concluded insurance "Liability of the tour operator" with Euroins, Policy № 03700100000944/ 01.05.2016 until 30.04.2016

13. Customers are notified of Article 35 of the Tourism Act of 23/05/2002,thatin the case where the minimum size declared tourists for a given organized trip are not gathered, theTOUR OPERATOR offers several options: full reimbursement; offering another travel date or a similar trip; organizing an individual trip, without having to pay penalties.

14.A change of the pricefor the organized trip ispossible due to: rise in fuel prices, change the amount of fees or a change in exchange rates occurring after the signing of the contract. The USER is entitled to accept the change or abandon the journey within three days after being informed.

15.The TOUROPERATOR is not responsible in cases of refused admission to the tourists by border authorities.

16. If the tourist/USER himself/herselfterminateshis journey willingly, all costs, including transport are at his expense.TheTOUR OPERATOR does not refund money for unused prepaid services.

17.In a case of duplication of rooms from the hotel, theTOUR OPERATOR reserves the right to accommodate the tourists/USERSin another hotel of the same or higher category, without penalties.

18. The TOUR OPERATOR is not responsible for the categorization of hotels offered in the offers because they are categorized by the authorized bodies in the country.

19. The TOUR OPERATOR is not responsible for changes in flight schedulesor cancellations, but cooperates fully to solve such cases.

20.The TOUROPERATOR is not responsible in case of difficulties, delays and problems related to factors which are deemed force majeure circumstances: bad weather; complicated traffic conditions; natural disasters; difficulties caused by mass events / strikes, riots, celebrations of national or religious holidays / and phenomena or events that can not be foreseen or prevented by the agency.

21.In force majeurecases, thetour operator refunds sums, if the event is accepted as such by the host country or carrier and only restores  amounts that have been recovered from counterparties.

22.The TOUR OPERATOR is not responsible for damages caused by failure to comply with the contract,if the reason for this is due to the USER; actions of a third party unrelated to the contract; unforeseen event, which can not be avoided by the TOUR OPERATOR and its partners when they are performing their duties in good faith.

23.Behaviour: When you accept to participate in an organized tour with a group, you agree to abide by the decisions of tour manager. All passengers are expected to have appropriate behavior towards other passengers and staff that are in contact during the trip. Agency reserves the right to interrupt the journey of a tourist who with their behavior causes annoyance, problems or damage to other passengers, staff or facilities. In this case, we will ask tourists to leave the group at the first available place, without bearingany liability or financial compensation related to his/her home voyage or unused services.

Licenses and certificates: Tiara Tours Ltd. is a licensed tour operator in accordance with Bulgarian and international law. License for tour operator № PK - 01-6968 / 8:08:12.

Insurance - TOUR OPERATOR has signed an insurance contract for insurance "Liability of the tour operator " Insurance policy 03700100000944 / 01.05.2016 in " Euroins " AD under Art. 97 of the PA .